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Network support and security

In the last 5 years network security has gone from important to a top priority in business. Your
customers information is one of the most important items you have. Keeping it safe requires
more now than ever before. Through constant monitoring, updated security protocols and
employee training you can help keep yourself safe. We cover SMB and Enterprise level clients
with our SAAS (Software as a service) platforms, work with some of the latest networking
equipment like Miraki, netgear and others.
Our 24/7/365 network helpdesk is available to help diagnose and resolve issues on both a
network and workstation level. Our field service support is available in both Western
Washington and Northern California. This hands on service can take care of anything that can’t
be done through our online support. Most businesses don’t currently have a disaster recovery
plan in place. If it’s an employee, mother nature or system failure being down means you’re not
making money. The ability to get back up and started immediately requires a good plan in place.